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  • Diamonds rug

    Diamonds rug

    This Tibetan rug has lopped background with raised silk shape diamonds . Ask us about this rug in other sizes. We have this rug in 6×9

  • Circle & Squares

    Circle & Squares

    This modern design rug is made by hand. We have this rug in 8×10 for fast deliver. Ask us for this rug in other sizes.

  • Zagros Lion Gabbeh

    Zagros Lion Gabbeh

    This remarkable Gabbeh rug design used in Persian flag , and reminder of instinct Zagros mountain lions .Is new but for sure is future antique .

  • Hadij Jalili

    Hadij Jalili

    Very fine woven with small knots , along with muted colors. works in Traditional to transitinal interior. short pile.

  • Luribaft with Sumac weave #617

    Luribaft with Sumac weave #617

    This beautiful Persian Luribaft are hand knotted , very nice combination of tree of life designed raised and hand carved , and sumac Flat woven in background  field.

    Size of this rug is 5.6×8.01

    We will provide right rug padding for this rug if you request.

    Call Toll Free at 1-866-907-8999 with Question or request about this rug.

  • Tribal Persian #615

    Tribal Persian #615

    Tribal Luribaft  rug , hand woven , wool . Size is 6.5×8 . from Iran