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Our Expert Rug Services Include:

  • Elegant rug hand wash.
  • Silk rug wash.
  • All rug repairs ( new and antique).
  • Original fring repair or replacement.
  • Custom rug tailoring or re sizzing.
  • Quality rug padding.
  • Rug deodorizing, & moth -proofing.
  • Rug shipping or storage.
  • Mounting tapestries or rugs.
  • Rug appraisal certification.
Pick up & Delivery service available
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Rug Cleaning
Wool and Knots offers a complete line of rug services including professional rug washing using traditional rug wash method without usage of any machinery. During the cleaning process, each piece is handled with the utmost care, whether it is a new decorative rug or an antique piece.
Rug Repair & Restoration
Let our professional repair team repair or restore your rug exactly the way they do it back home in Iran. Repairs include binding the edges of a rug, re-weaving, re-fringing and touching it up.  
Rug Padding
Padding is recommended for area rugs on hard surfaces or on carpet to prevent wrinkles. Good quality padding can maintain the life and beauty of your rug as well as your hard wood or marble floor.        
Rug Cleaning & Repair Coupon
    20% OFF for rug Cleaning , and Repair , or quality rug Padding ,when you drop off Your rug @ our store.