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  • Spectacular transitional afghan 9' x12' rug

    Spectacular transitional afghan 9' x12' rug

    Wow, This beauty is hand knotted with finest knotting in Afghanistan that we recently imported. Actual size is 8.8 x 12.01″ (9′x12′ )

    $9,495.00 $5,495.00
  • Suzani Design 8'x10'

    Suzani Design 8'x10'

    This amazing colorful hand knotted suzani is one of a kind , and is woven with finest knotting in Afghanistan. Actual size is 8′ wide x10′.02″ long .

    $5,495.00 $3,895.00
  • Mirrable


    This fine Transitional design rug is hand woven with the finest wool and knot counts. This rug we have is 8×10 , and is availble in standard sizes.

  • Marco


    made with silk and wool , stunning design. Hand woven in Nepal.

  • Fleurs Delis

    Fleurs Delis

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  • Inca Gold

    Inca Gold

    Southwestern design from Tibet Rug Company. Hand knotted.